Aéropostale sources products in approximately 20 different countries and is in over 375 manufacturing facilities around the world. To assure that Aéropostale only works with manufacturers and suppliers that share our commitment to fair and safe labor and manufacturing practices and our core values, we established the Aéropostale Social Compliance Program. The Social Compliance Program is a comprehensive program that includes a Code of Conduct, factory registration and an audit component.
The Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of Aeropostale’s Social Compliance Program. It defines our minimum expectations and requirements which are placed upon all vendors, suppliers and manufacturers that provide merchandise to Aeropostale and its subsidiaries. At a minimum, we expect our vendors, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that no illegal, unethical, abusive or exploitative conditions or practices, nor any unsafe working conditions, exist in any of the facilities where Aeropostale merchandise is produced.

All manufacturing facilities must be registered and approved by us prior to any Aeropostale production being placed in the facility. In addition, a summary copy of the Code of Conduct in English and in the native language of the facility is given to each facility, and the facility is required to prominently display these documents so they are visible to the entire facility work force.

Social Compliance Audit

Each registered facility is required to submit to annual Social Compliance audits conducted by an independent third party auditor to demonstrate compliance with local laws in which the facility operates, as well as, the Aéropostale’s Code of Conduct requirements.
The Social Compliance Audit consists of checking for conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Child labor
  • Excessive working hours/Forced Labor
  • Health and Safety conditions of the Facility
  • Fire Safety
  • Salary/Overtime Pay Standards

To ensure compliance with the Code, any issue identified during the audit must be addressed and corrected by the facility in a timely manner.

California Transparency in Supply Chain Act Disclosure