Aéropostale is committed to delivering quality merchandise to our customers. We have developed an extensive quality testing program based on the mandate that all merchandise produced for and by Aéropostale must be thoroughly tested to meet our product specifications, and to comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

We work in partnership with our vendors and suppliers to ensure all that products meet our expectations for quality, design, construction, fit and performance as outlined in the Aeropostale Quality Assurance Manual. The Quality Assurance Manual outlines our testing protocols and standards for every product category that we offer, including compliance with our Restricted Substance List. Moreover, all products must meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), as well as all other federal, state and local regulatory mandates.

We have partnered with two accredited independent laboratories to conduct product evaluation and testing on behalf of Aéropostale. This testing is conducted in accordance with our Quality Assurance Manual and applicable laws. Every Aéropostale branded product is submitted to a nominated third party testing laboratory and must be certified for compliance by our vendors prior to shipment.