Introducing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today:
Aero Role Models

Our team of Sales Associates is the group that represents the Aéropostale brand to our customers on a daily basis. They do such an amazing job sharing our culture and who we are as a company that we call them Role Models. At Aero, it is all about living our values and being a positive influence on everyone around you, whether at work or school.

“Working at Aero has taught me about customer service and treating others with respect. Being an Aero Role Model means living my life as an example for my little brother. I act as a Role Model for others by doing the right things, staying in school and treating others with respect.”
-Aero Role Model, New Jersey
“Working at Aero has taught me about how to have fun at work while still working hard. Being a Role Model is important to me because I like to set a good example for others.”
-Aero Role Model, New York
“Working at Aero has taught me about integrity, communication, tolerance and teamwork. The best part of working at Aero is meeting people with similar values that are as fun, accepting and considerate as I hope to be.”
-Aero Role Model, Connecticut